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About Endurance World

Our Mission

To provide a comprehensive and impartial news platform for the sport of equestrian endurance riding in the Middle East and abroad.

Our Aims & Values

Endurance World is a unique platform seeking to address the need for timely and impartial news reporting in the sport of endurance riding. The website provides a comprehensive race calendar, concise race reports and results, news features and interviews, and a media gallery of race videos and images.

In its first year, the Endurance World project will focus on events in the Middle East region and Middle East-based teams and riders abroad, with the expectation of expanding to events in Europe and worldwide once the platform is proven to be successful.

Racing reports will be composed in-house and Endurance World will additionally publish features and interviews written by guest journalists.

In order to retain integrity, Endurance World will seek to collaborate solely with high-quality partners in order to become the leading information resource for the sport.

Endurance World is an apolitical and impartial website, and therefore opinion pieces, gossip/speculation and investigative journalism are outside the scope of its work. The platform also retains editorial control of all published content, thereby excluding forums, readers’ letters, classifieds and the like.


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