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In Brief: Beatriz Muriel (41) from Argentina

Name: Beatriz Muriel

Age: 41

From: Argentina

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28 July 2017 Views

In Brief: Mikaela Linnér (19) from Sweden

Name: Mikaela Linnér
Age: 19
From: Växjö, Sweden

Biography of Mikaela Linnér.

I grew up in a small town named Växjö in the south of Sweden and I have been lucky to grow up in a really loving and supporting family. I have been riding my whole life and riding has always been a part of life even though my family isn’t much of a horse family. I started out riding at a riding school and continued to ride there until I was 13. At that time having my own horse was just a vague dream.

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12 July 2017 Views

In Brief: Luciana Rehder Toledo (17) from Brazil

Name: Luciana Rehder Toledo

Age: 17 years old

From: São Paulo- SP, Brazil

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2 July 2017 Views

In Brief: Caio Vaz Guimaraes (16) from Brazil

Name: Caio Vaz Guimaraes
Age: 16
From: Brazil
I’ m the third son of my parents, being a huge surprise for my family ten years late.

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28 June 2017 Views

In Brief: Annelie Eriksson (29) from Sweden


I am Annelie Eriksson, 29 years old from Bjursås, Sweden. I am the first and only professional endurance rider in Sweden. Endurance riding is my life and my aspiration is to become a European and World Champion one day.

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26 June 2017 Views

In Brief: Cheryl Van Deusen from USA

Name: Cheryl Van Deusen

From: From Florida, USA

I was born in Florida and returned about 20 years ago having traveled extensively through working in the hospitality and resort industry.

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22 June 2017 Views

In Brief: Manal Fakhrawi (31) from Kingdom of Bahrain

Name: Manal Fakhrawi

Age: 31

From: Kingdom of Bahrain

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19 June 2017 Views

In Brief: Marie Palzer (22) from New Zealand

Name: Marie Palzer

Age: 22 years

From: Marahau, New Zealand

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14 June 2017 Views

In Brief: Heather Reynolds (39) and Jeremy Reynolds (37) from USA


Heather Reynolds (39) and Jeremy Reynolds (37), originally California, currently Florida, USA.
Heather and Jeremy have now been married for 15 years whilst training and obviously living together 24/7.

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12 June 2017 Views

In Brief: Marcela Peña (20) from Argentina

Name: Marcela Peña

Age: 20

From: Buenos Aires City

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10 June 2017 Views


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