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Sultan Mizan breaks SEA Games Record

Terengganu International Endurance Park (TIEP) Lembah Bidong, Malaysia. Sunday 20 August 2017. The 29th Southeast Asian Games (SEA Games), Kuala Lumpur 2017, is a Southeast Asian multi-sport event taking place in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from 19 to 30 August 2017, with 404 events in 38 sports to be featured in the games. This is the sixth time Malaysia host the games and its first time since 2001. Previously, it also hosted the games in 1965, 1971, 1977 and 1989.

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Marly van Ditzhuyzen (70) big fan of the Boudheib Initiative

The Netherlands. Wednesday 23 August 2017.
The Boudheib Initiative has its fans (like Marly van Ditzhuyzen) and its opponents. But the forces behind the Boudheib Initiative (BI) are convinced that they are proving to the world that putting horse welfare at the forefront of endurance is not the only criteria involved.

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National classes not left out at UK Endurance Masters

Euston Park, Suffolk, Great Britain. Wednesday 9 August 2017. The recent announcement of the two million Euros prize money and participation support for the UK Endurance Masters got a lot of attention.

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Instituto Enduro Brasil a balance after the first half of 2017

Instituto Enduro Brasil, Sao Paulo – SP, Brazil. Sunday 23 July 2017.
The year 2017 began with new challenges for the Instituto Enduro Brasil (IEB), which brought a new board of directors, formed by a team of experts from several industries.
The change was necessary as in the past it has been struggling to find alternatives for the sport and guide Instituto Enduro Brasil into the right direction.

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UK Endurance Masters offers Euro two million prize pot

Euston Park, Suffolk, Great Britain. Thursday 20 July 2017.
HH Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum’s support makes UK Endurance Masters most significant endurance event in Europe.
This third leg of His Highness’s Cup, after Spain and Italy, offers prize money and participation support of Two million Euros.

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Costanza Laliscia makes it two in a row

Perugia, Italy. Wednesday 7 June 2017. With the second consecutive Italian National Title conquered in San Vito al Tagliamento last Friday, the precious collection of Costanza Laliscia of tricolour titles has reached the number of six.

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FEI Endurance Forum 2017: Welfare, education & future

Vic, Barcelona, Spain. Thursday 25 May 2017. Welfare, education and the future direction of the sport were prominent topics at the FEI Endurance Forum 2017, which took place this week in Vic, Barcelona (ESP). A total of 100 delegates from over 30 countries gathered together at a pivotal time for the discipline of Endurance, which is seeing massive growth year on year across the globe.

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Endurance Experience – Brasilia, Brazil

The project that has already taken more than 30 new endurance riders to Brazilian tracks.

Chevaux, a company organizing equestrian events all over Brazil, seeking to promote and strengthen equestrian sports in the country through Endurance Experience. Chevaux believes that being in touch with horses is being in touch with nature, family, values and with all the best the equestrian world can offer.

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Uruguay gets ready for the 2017 season

Almost every weekend there are 60 and 80 km race events in Uruguay in order to get horses through the necessary qualifying process.

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