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In Brief: Daniele Serioli (22) from Italy

I am Daniele Serioli from Italy, 22 years old, train and race horses in endurance sport.

My passion for horses started very early, so early that I can’t even remember, maybe I was three or four years old.

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In Brief: Julien Lafaure from France

When talking to Julien Lafaure (26) for an In Brief makes you realise that we are dealing with an extraordinary rider.
His father, Jean Noel Lafaure, is also the breeder of all their horses.

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In Brief: Mercedes Tapia from Argentina

This edition of “in brief” interviews Mercedes Tapia (51) from Argentina

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In brief: Josefina Rolt

This edition of ‘in brief’ interviews Josefina Rolt from Argentina

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In brief: Maria Pereira

Meet Maria Pereira from Uruguay in this edition of ‘In brief’.

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In Brief: Leila Mohammed Al Marzooqi

In this ‘in brief’ we get to know a little more about Leila Mohammed Al Marzooqi.

Leila is one of these riders that doesn’t need an introduction in the UAE and is a very popular person.

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In brief: Charlie Chadwick

We meet British rider Charlie Chadwick in this edition of ‘in brief’.

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In brief – Peter Bastijns

We look into the career of Peter Bastijns in this edition of ‘In brief’.

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In brief – André Vidiz

This edition of ‘in brief, takes us back to Brazil, where we meet André Vidiz from São Paulo.

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In brief – Eilish Connor

In this ‘In brief’, we meet 20 year old Eilish Connor, the current #1 in FEI Young Riders World Endurance ranking.

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In brief – Kate Atkinson

Meet Kate Atkinson, age 19, in this edition of our ‘in brief’ series.

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In brief – Carolina Tavassoli Asli

Carolina Tavassoli Asli is one of Fuxia Team’s top riders at Italia Endurance Stables & Academy, and is undoubtedly one of the most promising riders on the Italian endurance scene.

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In brief – Harry Ingram

In this edition of ‘In brief’, we talk to Harry Ingram from England. Harry is a promising international rider in the UK, with a keen interest in the sport and its development.

Harry was recognised in the UK for topping the British combinations in the FEI World Rankings for 2016 with his horse, Warrens Hill Chayze. Other key achievements include a number of wins and top ten placings in 2016, 2015 and 2014, including winning the CEI1* competition at Haywood Oaks two years in a row, and being the top placed British rider at Royal Windsor Endurance in 2014.

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In brief – Mônica Pinto Lima Graziano

In this edition of ‘in brief’ we talk to Brazilian rider Mônica Pinto Lima Graziano.

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In brief – Mauricio Rogel

In this edition of ‘In brief’ we get to know Mauricio Rogel from Patagonia.

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In brief: Cecília Gazzola Pinto

Who is Cecília Gazzola? Find out below in this edition of ‘in brief’.

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In brief: Mauricio Provoste

We get to know Chilean rider Mauricio in this edition of ‘In brief’.

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In brief: Costanza Laliscia

Costanza Laliscia is one of the top talents of Italian endurance and is very successful on an international level: despite her young age –  17 years old – she is already a very determined star!

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In brief: Manuela Valenzuela

We take a moment to learn more about young female rider, Manuela Valenzuela from Santiago, Chile.

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In brief: Wipawan Pawitayalarp

We take a look at the profile of international endurance competitor Wipawan Pawitayalarp in this latest edition of ‘In brief’.

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In brief: Pablo Llompart

In this edition of our ‘In brief’ feature, we meet another talented Chilean rider: Pablo Llompart from Santiago.

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In brief: Prutirat R. Serireongrith

Take a moment learn a little bit about one of the endurance sport veterans, 60 year old Prutirat from Thailand.

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In brief: Andre Alvarez

Who is Andre Alvarez?  We take a moment to ask the Chilean rider a few questions in our series of short rider features, ‘In Brief’:

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In brief: Veronica Simula

Not many riders manage to win two races in the UAE in the space of a few short weeks.

Yet this is exactly what happened for Veronica Simula. Continue Reading

The man in the middle

An interview with the peacemaker, Dwight Hooton.

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