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Hard contested racing at Yas Private Owners Ride

Emirates International Endurance Village, Al Wathba, United Arab Emirates. Saturday 9 December 2017. The Yas Private Owners Ride was a CEN 100km for private stables divided into four loops of 40, 25, 19 and 16km.

A total of number 68 entries was on the low side according to UAE standards,  most likely due to the organiser’s rules which made some of the successful stables decide to stay home.

Endurance World Yas for Private Owners Ride. Finish.Track conditions were good, and competition was rather fierce since the small starting field gave an opportunity for riders and stables, usually fighting for the top ten, to envision a podium place.

It was Mohammad Imam – IND (Ber Nic Dus The Prince) who came in first after the opening loop but paid the price of the high speed with a long recovery time and ultimately the horse would be retired by the rider after the third loop.

First leader was Mohammed Al Qemzi – UAE (Quil de la Roque) however was vetted out after the second loop because of irregular gait.

Endurance World Yas for Private Owners Ride. A group.New leader to start the third loop was Ali Al Hosani – UAE (Crazy Antar) which was a position he kept after the third loop having of a very good recovery time.

Close on his heels was Humaid Al Balooshi – UAE (Imsakit) trailing 90 seconds and Daiana Chopita – ARG (J C Cahuel), fresh from her National Day Cup CEN 120km victory the previous week, but already four minutes behind.

The leader of the Yas Private Owners Ride commented before the start of the final loop: “Yes all is going well till now and hopefully we can hold on this top spot. I have a lead which doesn’t mean too much with such competitive riders and horses behind me.”.

Endurance World Yas for Private Owners Ride. Chasing.Seven minutes was the gap with the leader for Rashid Al Baloushi – UAE (Suet) but his stable remained positive: “We don’t know how this is going to turn out. We will try our best as we feel we are not that far behind.”

Nevertheless it was Salem Al Ameri – UAE (Saks) who was on a mission and seemed to have the most power left for the final 16km.
Leaving in fourth position he picked up his contenders one by one and managed to take the lead in the final stretch to the finish line.

Endurance World Yas for Private Owners Ride. Running.His team was overjoyed after the finish: “This is wonderful, we are so happy. We started the last loop in fourth position and although we knew the horse was good we did not know where we would end. There was a lot of pressure in this final stage and we are so happy that we made it.”

Ali Al Hosani didn’t have the power to follow the eventual winner but was able to keep the second place safe.

It came to a final sprint for third place in this Yas Private Owners Ride between three riders who crossed the line within three seconds with Daiana Chopita claiming the third podium place before Ahmed Al Subousi – UAE (Ainhoa Piednez) and Humaid Al Balooshi.

Yas Private Owners Ride Results

Yas for Private Owners Ride. CEN 100km
1stSalem Al AmeriUAESaksBin Ham Private Stables
2ndAli Al HosaniUAECrazy AntarHasan Rakan Pvt Stables
3rdDaiana ChopitaARGJ C CahuelEnjaz Privat Stables

National Day Cup in Al Wathba

Emirates International Endurance Village, Al Wathba, United Arab Emirates. Saturday 2 December 2017. The National Day Cup is a race very much anticipated by the United Arab Emirates based stables as the first big measure of power in the season.

Ahead of the race, rumours were going round that the stables would enter their best horses, although other experts predicted the champion horses would be kept fresh for the Sheikh Mohammed cup or the President’s Cup in January and February respectively.

Endurance World National Day Cup. The winner.The organiser, Abu Dhabi Equestrian Club, kept hold of their policy to limit entries to four horses per stable which resulted in a total of 156 entries.
Some of the best horses remained at their stable but the entry field was still strong enough to see real quality.

The 120km race divided into four loops of 40, 35, 25 and 20km saw some surprises and a big influencer was the weather. At this time of the year, temperatures are usually low at the start and building up during the race.
However on this National Day Cup temperatures were above normal with high level of humidity.

Endurance World National Day Cup. Running.A leading trainer reacted: “I don’t understand, it looks like our horses need a lot more time to recover compared to some others. True that today the weather is ‘heavier’ than usual but I can’t see why some can almost walk straight into the vet check and we need more time, with some horses even getting penalties.”

One of the main contenders who suffered from a long recovery time after the first loop was Salem Al Kitbi – UAE (Al Theeb) who arrived in the leading group but due to his long recovery dropped to 44th position. Salem would fight his way back through the standings and finish in fifth position.

Endurance World National Day Cup. Leaving for the next loop.Ali Al Hosani – UAE (SM Lord l’ebrio) started the second loop in front however he was not able to hold that position; he started the final loop in second place.   The high speeds during the day took its toll and he would finally finish eighth.

Leader after the second loop was Daiana Chopita – ARG (Tehama Souveign) and she was able to keep this position till the very end, resulting in a very convincing victory. After each loop, her horse had very short recovery times and this was the key to success.

Her comments after the race: “Yes of course I’m very happy. This was a difficult race with a lot of competition and finishing first is like a dream coming through. Correct, my horse seemed to be the best to race under these weather conditions considering the shorter recovery times.”

Mansour Al Faresi – UAE (Rakib Nikita 10) had a difficult day which got compensated with an incredible last loop.

We can affirm this”, were the comments from his stable. “ If you see that Mansour was in 27th position after the first loop and started the final loop in seventh. Horse and rider gave it all with the second place as a result and this second place looks a bit unexpected if you see how the race went.” 

Third place went to stable mate Hamad Al Kaabi – UAE (Unzo) who was also outside the top 20 after the opening loop.

National Day Cup Results

National Day Cup. CEN 120km
1stDaiana ChopitaARGTehama SouveignAl Wathba Stables
2ndMansour Al FaresiUAERakib Nikita 10MRM Stables
3rdHamad Al KaabiUAEUnzoGreen Endurance Stable

Gaith Rubaya from start to finish in the Commemoration Day Endurance Ride

Dubai International Endurance Village, Dubai, UAE. Wednesday 29 November 2017.  The Commemoration Day Endurance Ride saw an intense battle with varied combinations fighting for glory.

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Sheikh Rashid Dalmook Al Maktoum finishes in style at Al Wathba Challenge

Emirates International Endurance Village, Al Wathba, United Arab Emirates. Saturday 11 November 2017. After a series of qualifying races and races for private stables we saw this Saturday with the Al Wathba Challenge the first ‘open race’ for the season in the United Arab Emirates.

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